Apache shutdown unexpectedly

Have you ever encountered a problem like this? Like in your opinion you are doing everything right, you check the logs, you go to config files and do everything you could but XAMPP does not work.

Well, NOT TO WORRY! Here are the simple tips/tricks to get your XAMPP back to work.
First let me tell you, this XAMPP uses your system port like Skype does and most of the cases you simultaneously use Skype and and XAMPP, so when there is a port-conflict, you get this problem.

Simple steps to resolve:
  1. Go to Skype and click on TOOLS
  2. Under tools, you will see OPTIONS
  3. Open the options tab, from right panel, go to Advanced
  4. From sub-menu click connection
  5. Uncheck the option, use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connection
  6. Save the settings in skype
  7. Restart your XAMPP
  8. Enjoy and happy coding!
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