Courier Management System

It is presently a-days imperative for the general population to send or get articles like imported furniture, electronic things, endowments, business merchandise and so forth. Individuals depend immensely on various transport frameworks which for the most part utilize the manual method for getting and conveying the articles. There is no real way to track the articles till they are gotten and there is no real way to tell the client what occurred in travel, once he booked a few articles. In such a circumstance, we require a framework which totally modernizes the payload exercises including time to time following of the articles sent.

This need is satisfied via AirMax Courier and Cargo Management System programming which is online programming for the load administration individuals that empowers them to get the products from a source and send them to a required goal and track their status every now and then.

The functional areas of this website are:
  • Login Customer
  • Login admin
  • Manage shipment
  • Consignment Reports
  • Add User Delete user
  • User Regular Consignment reports
  • User weekly Consignment reports
  • Customers Undelivered consignment
  • Regular Customer General Customer Information
  • Manage Profile
  • View General Consignment Information.
Besides we have endeavored to build up a framework that will help the Courier division a vastly improved approach to approach at their work, spare heaps of significant time and advantage a considerable measure from this framework. The proposed framework is designed to the point that it can be utilized by various clients at once with various access right allowed to them by the manager. The product totally wipes out the risk of data spillage, spares a ton of time and furthermore effectively evaluates the working long stretches of the representatives. You don't need to do diverse posting for the same in creating reports. Utilizing this framework you can give security to your database, spare your significant time, and furthermore appraise the hours worked.

This venture manages the AirMax Courier & Cargo System. The framework will be utilized for everyday exercises like out return, organization subtle elements, center point rates, booking, non conveyance, and pickup focuses. All things considered it is difficult to do this procedure physically in light of the fact that it would turn out to be exceptionally furious. Subsequently it is prescribed to robotize the procedure by building up the significant programming as the world is moving from manual attempting to data and innovation time where computerization winds up vital in all kinds of different backgrounds.

This thought of task speaks to the Courier Service administration System. The framework is being utilized for everyday exercises, for example, keep up worker subtle elements, booking a messenger, keep up center point subtle elements, keep up organization points of interest, process information of representatives and numerous different things.
Problem Statement
The association by and by holds a manual framework, which can't adapt to the month to month and yearly exchange of the association; thus with the execution of this framework, the administration turns out to be exceptionally productive. Tedious :Since the work was conveyed and kept up on the exceed expectations sheets it was exceptionally tedious at whatever point one needed to recover information or needed to experience the before exchanges. This made the procedure dull. Complex Infrastructure: Since the work was carried on exceed expectations sheets it was extremely hard to convey the exchanges. Individual connected with: - Since the framework was physically dealt with a man is persistently occupied with entering the information and refreshing its information.
The existing system is not totally automated. Though the system is computerized somehow, lot of the work to be done manually.

The different processes involved are:
  • To maintain details of bookings manually.
  • To maintain details of the incoming couriers.
  • To maintain returns details.
Nowadays, people are very busy and they don't find much time to go to a dealer to get products. But they need to buy products. And most of the people are accessing Internet.

Then why don't we help them in searching & getting products online. Of course this is helpful for company & dealer also to improve the sales.

Proposed Solution
The new system will be user friendly, accurate and need less recourses as compared to manual system. As the system will be available 24/7 hours to management, they can get in touch will all activities.

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