Easy Certificate Manager

The proposed project title as "Certificate Services" is a web Application. This is fact that time is the most precious asset you have and even though the most people are aware of this and still keep wasting, it can't be recycled even a single second but unfortunately our maximum time is waste on getting information and knowing procedures regarding applying for visa, foreign scholarship procedures for form filling (migration, improvement, rechecking, degree applying for school leaving certificate, course completion certificate, internship form), apply for driving license, ILET test system, CV making and like that such more problem we face in our daily routine life which waste our a lot of time and money for searching and collecting information. How to get exact information and detail procedures related to the above issues before consultation is the main problem?

This project deals with the Certificate Services. The system will be used for day to day activities like getting all the information from single place i.e. information about jobs of specific categories. The software will be helpful in performing the routine tasks which takes a lot of time in getting the information about specific problem. The management of the software can add or update the information if required. The management may activate or remove any of the information.

From an end user perspective, the Certificate Services Consist of a following functional elements: End User Module and Management Module The Management Module will add update and manage the information from the software database.

Problem Statement
There is no user friendly software that provides multi services at one time.

  • Searching for different information on different sites is very time consuming.
  • Complicated and difficult ways to access for exact information.
  • Lot of time is required is getting the specific information.
  • Moreover the information may be boughs.
  • Information retrieved from Internet may not be exact.

Proposed Solution
Keeping in view the above problem we have decided to build online information system which fulfill the above mentioned problem so that user can access any information without time consuming. The new system will be user friendly accurate and need less recourses as compared to manual system or present system as the system will be available 24/7 hours to management and user. They can get in touch will all activities.

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