Enhance your Facebook account security

Please log in to your Facebook account using your android app or iPhone app. 
At the right side you will see an icon “3 STRAIGHT LINES”   
Go to Settings and Privacy and then select settings (First option).

Account Settings:
 Personal information (Your name, email and phone number should be entered here).
 Please make sure that you register your phone number so in case of illegal usage, you will be     notified promptly.
 Language: This tab will ask you about the language you know and which language you want to use   Facebook in.
 Payments: If you manage the pages and used paid adverts on Facebook, It will give you the information about payments.

Security Settings
Security Part is very important as it handles the most wanted LOGIN section.
Security and Login
Recommended: You nominate 3-5 friends in case you get locked out.
Recent logins will show the apps/locations your account is logged in.
Login with profile picture will give you additional security.

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