Human Resource Management System


CRITSOLE is a company which runs business of tiles and marbles of international and local brands.There are approximately five hundred employees work in this company. There are different department in the company like manufacturing, accounts and sales department. Currently the company has no software to performing the routine task. Company use register, MS WORD and EXEL for routine task which is very time consuming and need lot of resources.


The progressive patterns of computerization have achieved the pinnacles accomplishing the worldwide objectives in all fields and areas. The HR administration are getting mechanized prompting another and inventive method for way to deal with HR. With the real association facilitating administrations of HRMS, this undertaking particularly plans to add up to computerization of HR office. With the aggregate mechanization of HR, the manual reliance is limited to an extensive surviving. It acquires every one of the properties of modernizing a framework which incorporates snappy reaction, less handling time, quick, recuperation, dependability.


The extent of HRM is immense and influences a great deal of territories. A great deal of critical and basic exercises and a the life of a laborer from the minute he or she goes into an association till the time they leave, go under the examination and extent of human asset administration. Particularly, the exercises which are primarily incorporated into human asset administration are arranging of HR, examination and outlining of different occupations, procedure of determination, preparing and improvement of workers for the advantage of association, execution examination which additionally incorporates work assessment and such exercises.

Problem Statement

As the association is doing their standard occupation on enroll as this is extremely tedious and require parcel of assets i.e. pay, leave, advancements are altogether done physically by the administration. The present framework is manual and it is tedious to keep up the record productivity. In this way we set up a mechanized framework, which will encourage the organization to keep up the record about deals, HR, fabricating in more helpful way.

Proposed Solution

The new system will be user friendly, accurate and need less of resources as compared to manual system. As the system will be available 24\7 hours to management they can get in touch with all activities. 

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