Woman Welfare Organization System (WWO)


WWO gives its most extreme need to build up the gathering of ladies in the general public. WWO is concentrating on the accompanying operational zones:
  • Open attention to help and build up the ladies of society to be the key elements of national development and advance. 
  • Making the mindfulness among ladies about their Health change, Human rights and duties in the general public. 
  • Rousing and managing ladies to be simply the new age business visionaries to manufacture and the nation solid. 
  • Urging ladies to partake in the political and headway issues of the country. 
  • Building a solid system of proficient social insurance units to guarantee a sound future. 
  • Direction for ladies in planning nutritious sustenance for the family through preparing. 
  • Advancement of instructive establishments and fortifying of instructive projects. 
  • Other social administrations like arrangement of clean water, assembling a sterile situation, support to the displaced person camps et cetera. 
WWO isn't limiting its exercises to AJK locale. We go for extending the extent of WWO to different districts of Pakistan.

Motivation behind this association and its online arrangement of WWO conduct is that the connecting up and binding together the nearby NGOs in the territories of AJK and the world is a piece of the long exertion by global network to battle neediness, a work in progress and manhandle of Human rights and gathering the information of the ladies enduring in most noticeably awful condition in our general public.

WWO composed the exercises of the network improvement projects and ventures and accelerate the desire of the network life in accomplishing confidence, independence and prosperous life for every one of the subjects of the nation.
This framework will be a "Ladies Welfare Organization(WWO)"which is to lessen the correspondence hole, gather the crucial information of ladies, about their living status, training, wellbeing and youngster working and foul play in the general public. To enable ladies by producing consciousness of their rights and benefits.
  • To train women for more productive economic activity.
  • To develop support services to reduce the excessive daily burden of domestic work on women.
  • To enhance women's access to science and technology as well as short term technical courses to promote their participation in creation of a sustainable environment.
  • The plan further commented upon the implementation of the Development of Women in Rural Areas (AJK and Pakistan) programmed.
  • We aim to help individuals find lasting ways to increase the prosperity of their family and their community and solution of the problems above mentioned.
Problem Statement

WWO considers Gender-based viciousness and savagery against ladies as human rights, instructive general wellbeing, and sexual orientation separation issue. To us, it is s the harshest and unavoidable infringement of ladies' human rights and a deterrent to accomplishing sexual orientation balance, and additionally advancing improvement and peace. Since starting, WWO unremittingly is resolved for acknowledgment ladies rights and sexual orientation fairness and also for a general public which without brutality against ladies. Also, we have to record it is hard to look through the specific record, absence of security to spare the record physically from the wastage because of any happen like, quake, fire, calamity and other physical security issues.

It takes numerous structures, from household manhandle to others, mishandle and unsafe social works on running from physical harm and respect violations to untimely marriage. With regards to wars, in which the greater part of the exiles and dislodged populace are ladies and, ladies are executed, captured, harmed and utilized as sex slaves; the orderly savagery of ladies and young ladies has been utilized as a weapon in various equipped clashes. In our general public the ladies are disregarded in the field of instruction, property, even home rest and peace, servitude and she never has its own particular home.

Proposed Solution

We have to set up an online framework for the mindfulness and advancement of ladies and to gather the information and essential data from the networks and towns to deal with the records and control the exercises of the association and fortify the ladies and diminish the youngster working in the general public. At that point Data of the ladies and youngsters records will be kept up and directed by the WWO.

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