Islamic Approach to Cure Diseases

Our project is about the treatment of different diseases through Islamic point of view without any medicine or surgery. The patient of different diseases search different solution related to their problems. This project will provide complete treatment to patients through Holy Quran, Hadith and other different spiritual ways. This project is totally charity based. We are not earning anything from it but, we are willing to provide a website consisting of different symptoms and their Islamic medication.

We make an online system which will provide all the reliable facilities to the visitors which take less time to respond. For this purpose we will use the available technologies to make new system efficient and fast. User can find treatment for any diseases by searching its symptoms. Better way to increase your knowledge about different disease, that how a disease can be cured through Islam and using Tibb-e-Nabwi(S.A.W).

It is the goal of our proposed system to give treatment of different diseases through Islamic point of view. System should be designed in such a way that if a user or visitor have little knowledge of internet than he can use it with great ease and comfort.

Advantage of System
  • The advantages of the proposed system are following.
  • Less expensive.
  • Cure according to Sunnah.
  • Awareness to Islam.
  • Treatment according to Islam and Sunnat-e-Nawbi(S.A.W).
  • No need to hospitals and wait for the doctors.

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