Online Fashion Studio

The project title "online fashion studio" is a web based application. This system will let the people know about the latest trends and fashions and will provide them a platform to sell and buy accessories, clothing and other wearable. It will not only grab the attention of people towards latest designs and fashion but also let the willing people to buy and sell  the stuff that meet their requirements.

As our project is a simple website it can be globally accessed from anywhere by having internet connection. The system will provide information and valuable goods to the users, by providing menus and related data. The main target of the system is to provide an interface for people to choose goods for buying as well as those who want to sell their product. We will become the destination store of quality brands, innovation and providing a personal high touch shopping experience.
 We will market the most appealing and widely worn casual clothing, accessories and we will clothe the world. We are combining leading edge business strategy and IT knowledge for effective solution. A simple website is a two in one system for both the costumers and sellers.

The purpose of online fashion studio is to develop a simple website which will provide the people a place to view different ideas about latest trends and fashions.  There is a proper place needed which can provide information about the latest designs that would our website provide. The user will simply visit our website and can not only get valuable information   but also get stuff needed, casual dressing and all that one need for an appealing personality.

Problem Statement
Everyone wants to enjoy the boutique fashion and to get services that meet the busy      lifestyle. Everyone deserves beauty and luxury. But it needs time, expenditure and effort to look for such options if one wants to look attracting and fashionable. Also the producers and designers look for the proper place to sell their products at maximum profit margins. As most of websites provide only a single option i.e.  Either to sell products or to buy things.
   One needs a lot of time for selection of things needed to look as he/she wants. Everyone wants to save money and time and also wishes to look different and fashionable. To find a place with multiple options of selling buying and getting information about latest trends and fashions is quite difficult. It's not possible to find the solution of all these problems at one place.

Proposed Solution
Our proposed website is a two in one solution which will benefit both the buyer and sellers.
It will contain a database of all the categories of the trendy goods including outwits, accessories, and modern and fashionable wardrobe collection that could be sold and bought. The customers wishing to shop or sell related products can easily visit our site.

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