Online Quiz App

Online quiz app is the unique mobile application that offers services through which students can get old annual exam papers of Mirpure Board. Using Old Exam Repository and Quiz System, students of any level can get preparation for any test or exam like old exams of last five years papers. After clearing all quizzes, student would be able to pass exam with extremely good grades. Student has limited time to select answer of a specific question. Application would grade the answers and at the end of test shows result. Application would also display the correct answer of each question to improve learning process.

The proposed system is going to be an android as well as web based application which would be compatible with all the existing and upcoming versions of android handsets. The basic objective of this project is to manage all the previous papers of any class and any subject. This application is implemented in two different platforms, android (for end user) and PHP (web based interface for admin).
The application would facilitate all the smart phone users for the preparation of their exams as well as all previous papers. By solving old papers student get knowledge about paper pattern and type of questions which are included in previous papers. In this mobile application, Students would choose only one class/grade from 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th and intermediate subjects or Entry Tests like Engineering, Medical and NTS.

Problem Statement
People faced problem when they do preparation of exam. They get confused and also don't have an idea about the papers .Then it is problematic for many people to get good marks in exam without any good preparation.

  • Following are the drawbacks:
  • It is a time consuming process.
  • It is difficult to identify the required papers.
  • It is difficult to do preparation without having idea about paper pattern.
  • There is no application available that provides us previous papers.
Proposed Solution
Proposed application would be android based structure. In this system user need not to go the book shops for purchasing the required papers .He can just install this application the required papers are available in this application. Proposed application would be designed for any smart phone user. The application is divided in two main segments. First is admin panel that is a web application. Admin can login in web application and update all in information. Second is android application that is used by user.

Following are some benefits of proposed system:

  • Save time
  • Complete storage of data
  • Preparation is easy
  • Easy access to content of previous papers
  • Backup of data
  • Ease of use
  • Data security

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