Regional Transport Office

Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a web based application which is responsible for the Challan management and issue of Driver's License in AJK. RTO staff would over burdenized regarding tickets of vehicles and issuance of driver's license. Online user license registration provides users a facility to register themselves online from home by submitting the necessary information and would get a test date for the license. This project gives an easy and efficient way to solve such problems related to storing information in databases by RTO administrators and staff. This project is a more reliable, accurate, time saving and free from any misuse.


RTO is web based application, which provides users a facility to do their RTO related work online efficiently in no time. Considerably reduce the corruption in transport department and it allows user not to carry their license with them. This system provides the facility to pay your challan in easy manner. This system would also allow users to register/renew their license online.


This project RTO office would be used to maintain all the records like issuing the Driving License, Renewal of Driving License, Vehicle Challan Management. Once all these things get computerized, efficiency of the work would get increases.

The main goal of the project is to maintain the records of Driving License, Challan Details, User Details, Renewal of Driving License.

Problem Statement

Existing RTO Office work is manual and very complex. Current process is time consuming and it take days to process the driving license. For example if a person wants to make driving license he or she first goes to RTO office and wait in queue to apply for license. People working there took the benefit of this system and offer bribe to get their work done. Also when a person gets challan then he has to pay the challan in bank then he has to go to RTO office in order to collect his document back. Nowadays each and every person is in hurry so by analyzing and considering these problems we are developing online web application which overcome these problems and get a solution in an efficient way.

Proposed Solution

Our project is basically a web base application that is flexible and easy to use. It is designed and developed to computerize the manual regional transport office system. It would save time and cost. No paper work would be required. Data would be store in a proper way and data is secured.

Following are some benefits of proposed system.

  • Save time.
  • Complete storage of data.
  • Ease of use.
  • Data security.

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