Travel Mate

Our project title is AJK Directory is an android based application. AJK has their own importance due to his geographic location. Now a day any one can get information of a specific place by using Internet because of a directory system. Online directory system of AJK provides us information about schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, Banks,filling stations, hotels, shopping malls and tourist places etc.

The purpose of the AJK Directory is to develop a system that will provide the right information at right time for new coming peoples. Our application will provide a way to search all the places of AJK. For example hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, universities, filling stations, banks and police station etc.
The application is used by a person who is willing to search information about AJK. It is designed to run on desktop screens as well as on mobile devices. It allows person to improve the quality of searching, and makes it easier. Any person having internet connection can access our application to get the latest information of AJK. This application will contain the updated information about different places

Problem Statement
While knowing to different locations people often faces problem. People have lack of information and don't have up to date information of all the places. People don't have idea where to get the relevant information for the different places of city.

Proposed Solution
Our proposed solution is basically a andriod based application which will contain a sophisticated database of all locations information of the AJK. People can rely on this system and get up to date information about the area where he/she wants to go. Admin of the andriod application manage information of difference places 

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