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The proposed project title is a web based application. Shopping is one of the most important parts of our daily life. Conventionally people use to go marketand visit different stores to purchase goods, which consume time and energy of the consumer. Information technology has introduced a term "e-commerce". It is a way of shopping online at Internet. It has made online shopping convenient for consumers to buy products or services rather than go to the shopping malls. On the Internet, there are large numbers of e-commerce websites. Consumer can shop items around the world through internet.

Since lot of businesses are providing same kind of products or services with different prices. Consumers are always interested in products or services with low rates. For this purpose we search, manually, same item from different online businesses. This process is also time consuming as conventional way of shopping was.

A platform will be designed where user can easily search required products or services online with cheapest rates from targeted online store instead of going through all of the stores separately. This project will be time saving for the users as well as effort saving.

Considering time and energy of the user, we are going to propose such system that will be automatically search lowest rates products or services from different online stores and show the result.

Problem Statement
As web based shopping turned into a pattern these days the normal shops are losing their clients. Clients have easy shopping background in a less time through web based shopping. When users go through online shopping there are different prices of a product on different online stores. Users are interested in products having cheapest price. So we are going to provide such platform where user can find out low rates of a product.

Proposed Solution
In this system customers need not to go the shops for purchasing the products.

He can order the product and can buy through this application.

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
  • Save time
  • Ease of use
  • Data security

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