Installment Management System


Inventory management is the supervision of non-promoted resources (stock) and stock things. A Inventory management is the blend of innovation (equipment and programming) and procedures and techniques that supervise the checking and support of loaded items, regardless of whether those items are organization resources, crude materials and supplies, or completed items prepared to be sent to sellers or end shoppers.
Inventory management is a product framework for following stock levels, requests, deals and deliveries. It can likewise be utilized as a part of the assembling business to make a work arrange, bill of materials and other generation related records. Organizations utilize stock administration programming to maintain a strategic distance from item overload and blackouts. It is a device for sorting out stock information that before was for the most part put away in printed copy shape or in spreadsheets.
1.1      Purpose:
The motivation behind a Installment is to monitor what you have in your little store, huge office or item improvement production line. On the off chance that you recognize what you have accessible available to be purchased or to construct items, you can without much of a stretch fulfill the necessities of your clients when they reach you to purchase your items. The stock framework illuminates you when you have to buy more items or supplies.
 Problem Statement:
Al-Hafiz Enterprises have the following drawbacks:
·         Is using manual process.
·         Without website and management system, it is a time consuming process.
·         Users must go to shop and select products.
·         Customers have to wait in queue.
·         The sale entries are recorded in notebook.
Proposed Solution:
Inventory management advice you of the measure of crude materials, supplies or last items you have promptly accessible. The stock framework is refreshed each time you offer a thing or utilize crude materials to make an item, so you comprehend what you have accessible for the next day or week. This sort of framework additionally enables you to arrange items ahead of time, so you have all that you require consistently.
Following are some benefits of proposed system.
·         Save time
·         Ease of  use
·         Data security
Product Features (modules and sub modules):
      Following are the modules of proposed system.
·         Administrator
·         Users
·         Categories
·         Products
·         Users
·         Orders
·         Reports
4.1   Administrator:
·         Manage Users
·         Manage categories
·         Manage products
·         Manage orders
·          Manage reports
4.1.1        Manage Users:
·         View users
·         Block users
·         Delete users
4.1.2        Manage categories:
·        Add category
·        Update category
·        Delete category
·        Search category
4.1.3        Manage Products:
·        View product
·        Add product
·        Delete product
·        Update product
·        Search product

4.1.4        Manage Orders:
·        View order
·        Process order
4.1.5        Reports:
·         Generate reports
·         Manage reports
4.2 Users:
·        View products
·        Place order
·        Sign up
·        Login
Software/Hardware Requirements:
 Software Requirements:
·         PHP
·         CSS4
·         HTML5
·         JQUERY
·         MY SQL
·         WAMP Server
·         Dreamweaver

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