Money Collector Management System


The proposed project title as “Committee management System” is web based application for “AL-HAFIZ Enterprises & Lucky Committee”. In which different members and branches will be managed by admin. Admin will control whole system. Each committee will be taken at the end of every month. Unique committee number will be allotted to each committee member. In this way record of every member will be managed accurately. All data will be secured. User will login and view his/her details.
   1.1   Purpose:
The objective of this project is to develop an automate web Application. A complete and efficient application which can provide data security and automated record saving. The application can be implemented in the form of a web system.

Problem Statement:
Before this system, Committee system was totally manual. People sit together and decides prons and cons of committee system that was time consuming and ambiguous. There is conflict between committee numbers. Data was not secured.
 AL-HAFIZ Shop has the following drawbacks:
·         Using manual process.
·         Without website and app, it is a time consuming process.
·         Customers have to wait in queue.
·         Committees are recorded in notebook.
Proposed Solution:
Proposed application will be web based structure. It will be complete automated system in which members and their committee details are managed by single admin. Unique committee number will be allotted to every member. Record of every member will be managed accurately. User will view his/her all details easily.

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
·         Save time
·         Ease of  use
·         Data security
Product Features (modules and sub modules):
      Following are the modules of proposed system.
4.1  Administrator:
·         Login
·         Manage members
·         Manage Committee
·         Manage branches
·          Manage rep details
·         Generate Reports
·         Update Profile
·         Logout
4.1.1        Login
·         Signup
·         Sign in
4.1.2        Manage members:
·        Add members
·        Update members
·        Delete members
·        Search members
4.1.3        Manage Committee:
·        View Committee
·        Add Committee
·        Update Committee
4.1.4        Manage Branches:
·        View branches
·        Add branches
·        Update branches
·        Delete branches
4.1.5        Manage Rep Details:
·         Add Rep
·         Delete Rep
4.1.6         Generate Reports:   
4.1.7        Update Profile:
·         Change/update password
4.1.8        Logout

4.2 Users:
·        Sign up
·        Login
·        View history
·        View committee details
·        View reports
·        logout
Software/Hardware Requirements:
     Software Requirements:
·      PHP
·      CSS4
·      HTML5
·      JQUERY
·      MY SQL
·      WAMP Server
·      Dreamweaver

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