How to make 300-500 Rupees per day with Adfly?| Make online money with Adfly.

Are you a student and looking for your own pocket money? Are you starting your early online earning career and want a road map? Do you want to earn money on Whatsapp? If your answer is yes on all above 3 questions, then this post is certainly for you. In this post we will tell you about earning money with Adfly. Many people around the world are earning from Adfly and this is a legit way of earning money. For this you have to build a strong network of your family and friends and then you can exchange clicks between them. If you want to earn 300 Rupees daily, you need at least 1000 clicks on your links.

Complete Adfly tutorial/training is here: http://j.gs/BxhT


What is Adfly?
Let me explain here, what actually is Adfly. Adfly is a URL shrinking platform, where you can shorten your URLs. URLs are the unique addresses like website addresses. www.google.com is a URL, similarly www.facebook.com is a URL. Shortening URL services are available by Google, Facebook and other networks but Adfly is very different and special because it is the only service that pays you handsome amount of income when someone clicks on your links/shorten URLs. We have 2 benefits here, one we make our long URL very short and 2nd we will earn some money from our links.
Here I will mention that this services does not require any personal website of you. You can use any link or URL to make it short and share with your friends to earn money.

How to earn and what are the requirements?

  •      First you must have an Adfly account. If you don’t have that account, you can create one from here.
  •         Second you should have a Payoneer account from you can withdraw your money. Please click here to create your Payoneer account.
  •      Third your Payoneer account must be linked with your UBL account so you can transfer your money to UBL.  
  •      You should have one WhatsApp account so we can invite you to join our earning group and we can work together.
  •      Most important requirement is your time and sincerity to your work.

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