Electricity Management System

1. Introduction

In manual system applicant faces lot of difficulties like visit to office for complain or meter issues etc.

In other hand in online system applicant can apply easily by using mobile phone or PC for online meter application, bill records and complain for any issues of Electricity. Admin can check record of customers, service provider like Electrician.

This system will allow the users to apply online for Electricity .This system will be efficient, time saving, cost saving and user friendly.

1.1 Purpose

Our Project of Electricity management system is for the ease of users, user will be able to apply online for meter or other issues of Electricity . The aim is to save cost, time and effort and apply for Electricity connection by an efficient manner, within a specific time interval.

1.2 Scope

The scope of project is that this will include all the activities, process need to be done in order

to apply for meter connection, bill payment etc. First of all user will sign up and then

complain , apply for meter connection and apply for  resolving other  Electricity issues  .only

those users will be able for    online complain or bill payment who fulfill the give criteria like

having CNIC and meter will registered on his name etc.

Only Electricity related activities will be performed in this application.

 Problem Statement

Manual process of Electricity management is time consuming, cost consuming .The aim of this project is to allow People to apply online for meter connection and other through mobile phone or PC. And save time, cost.

As in manual process the data is stored in registers or in files and if due to some reason data is lost, there was no backup of data.

Problem scenario

Proposed Solution

We will design a website to facilitate people which will help user to online Electricity management anywhere by using website and mobile. This will be an automated system. This system will maintain proper record and backup of all data. This system will allow applying online for meter and other issues of Electricity .This system will efficient, time saving and cost saving. Mainly it will consist of four types of users with specific activities. They include Admin, Customer, Electrician and Medication.
Solution Scenario

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