Farm Management System

Brief Introduction

Since the Farm Management System is an Android application which is commonly used for farmers which crops they should cultivate in which season which fertilizers is best and give instruction that is helpful for farmers. Admin will manage farmers, Specialist etc. This system will be helpful for farmers who do not have knowledge about agriculture, crops, and fertilizers by using this android application. They will be able to know that in which season they should cultivate which crop and which fertilizers they should use. Farmer can also ask about plants diseases. We are going to develop an application which will support the farmers as well as it will give quick access to the user to change ideas with respect to the change of seasons about crops on run time.


The scope of this project is that it will include all the features of farm management system.    To a layman ‘farm management’ probably means just that-a body of activities and procedures carried out by a farmer in the on-going management of his or her farm and for which advice may be available from professional specialists in farm management..

Problem Statement

Farmers are important part of development of our country, without farmers we can’t progress of our counter. Without this application it’s a very difficult to framers to find best fertilizer.

Problem scenario

 Farm management systems have the following drawbacks:
1.            A farm management system is using manual process.
2.            Without App, it is a time consuming process.
3.            Farmers must go to agriculture department and select seeds and fertilizers etc.
              4. Getting information about seeds and fertilizers is also time consuming process.

Proposed Solution

It’s a complete guide for farmers about medicine and fertilizer .Farmers does not need to go anywhere.

 Proposed Scenario:

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
1.      Save time
2.      Ease of  use
3.      Data security
4.      Home delivery
                                                                    Solution Scenario

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