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Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet to promote a product or a service to customers. Since the Internet has become an ongoing emerging source, it has become a popular and quick way to reach an audience. Social network advertising, Email advertising (even spam), online classified ads, and website takeovers are all forms of online advertising. Data driven behavioral targeting makes it possible to show a different ad to each person in each medium each time he or she interacts with that advertising. Search advertising has made it logistically possible to create different variations of ads for different keywords. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, such as television, newspapers, or magazines, online advertising gives advertisers the benefit of control over promotional activities, such as choosing when to enable an advertisement, customize it (including the content and posted websites), or discard it. When the same audience is targeted with both online and traditional advertising, online advertising is less expensive than traditional advertising.    


The objective of this project is to develop an application in android based structure. A complete and efficient application which can provide the online advertisement facility is the basic objective of this project .The application can be implemented in the form of an android system.


The application is planned to be used by a person who is willing to do advertise their products. It will be designed to run on mobile devices. It allows customers to improve their advertisement experience and makes it easier. The application is available in the smart phone it is easily accessible and always available.

 Problem Statement

As online advertisement became a trend nowadays the regular advertisement are losing their customers. Customers have effortless advertising experience in a less time through online advertisement agency.

Problem Scenario

Manual process has the following drawbacks:
·         Kashmir Advertisement Agency using manual process.
·         It is a time consuming process.
·         Users must go to office for their ads.
·         Customers have to wait in queue.
·         The sale entries are recorded in notebook.
·         Data redundancy.

Proposed Solution

·         Proposed application will be android based and web based structure. In this system in smart advertisement application customers need not to go the office for advertising their products.
·         They can give their add through this application.
·         Proposed application would be designed for Kashmir Advertisement Agency. The office owner would be the admin of system. Administrator manages the customers.

 Proposed Scenario

FFollowing are some benefits of proposed system.
·         Saves time
·         Ease of  use
·         Data security.
·         Cost effective.

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