Online Car Comparison system


The proposed project title as “Online Car Comparison system” is web based application for DUBAI MOTERS. Before buying a car its best to compare its feature and characteristics with others cars. The project car comparison system focuses on providing buyers an estimate of the similarities and dissimilarities between two cars. User can select two cars and the system will generate a brief report indicating the benefits and defects. Thus it helps user to analyse the cars effectively and user can make decision before buying.

The system has an admin login that has sole control over it. He can post different cars and put up notifications. The user logs into the system and can search for his car. The system then shows various car options for comparison with respect to the desire one. Hence car can check out varieties of features and can compare it. The system has an additional advantage of providing and suggesting the best accessories available for the respective car.

The online system is developed on web based platform and supported by a SQL database to store user specific details.


The objective of this project is to develop an system in web based structure. A complete and efficient system which can provide the online car comparison facility is the basic objective of this project. The system can be implemented in the form of web based system.


The application is planned to be used by a person who is willing to buy a car in a market. It will be designed to run on mobile devices or PC. It allows customers to improve their buying car experience and make it easier. The application is available in the smart phone it is easily accessible and always available

Problem Statement

As online car comparison system is becoming increase a trend nowadays. Customers have effortless buying a car experience in a less time through online car comparison.

 Problem Scenario

CAR COMPARISON SYSTEM has the following drawbacks:

·         Without Website, it is a time consuming process.

·         User must go to showrooms and select cars.

·         Getting information about cars is also time consuming process.

·         The sale entries are recorded in files.
Problem  Scenario

Proposed Solution

Proposed system will be web based structure. In this system customers need not to go the Showroom for buying the cars. He can order the cars and can buy using this system. Proposed system will be designed for online car comparison. The showroom owner will be the admin of system. Administrator manages the customers, cars and orders. The system also recommends a home delivery of the buying cars with additional charges.

 Proposed Scenario

Following are some benefits of proposed system.

·         Save time

·         Ease of use

·         Data security

·         Home delivery

                                                                    Solution Scenario
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