Police Station Management System


In modern days crime is increasing day by day. To combat such crimes and to provide safety to citizen, police department plays a vital role .This system provide facility for reporting online crimes ,complaints  ,missing person ,show most wanted person detail ,stolen vehicles, etc. .In police station all the file work is done by the staff ,so burden of work lead to the criminal information to be delayed. There are also problems of record storage ,updating, backup and recovery and redundancy of data .To overcome this problem in present system we design such a computerized information system which is free for all flaws ,present in the manual system .It is very useful for police department to find out the problems in the society without people are coming to the police station every time.


The objective of this project is to develop an application in web based structure. It is user friendly and easily accessible for users .It Provide Facility for women or those who do not want to go to police station .Reporting Crimes without going to police station. It help police to catch  criminals or reporting crimes. A complete and efficient application  and easily accessible  to the public.


In the modern world, people made the use of computers and Mobile phones as a basic need of life. As a result the, crime reporting system needs to embrace new technologies. And  efficient online crime reporting system with a user-friendly, sensitive and intelligible web interface. Whereby it can be accessed at any time provided there is internet connection

Problem Statement

In the existing system only we can see the detail of particular information about the police stations in a particular state.

Problem Scenario

Existing system has more workload on authorized person.
Crime Reporting have the following drawbacks:
  • More man power
  •  it is a time consuming process.
  •  No direct role of higher officials
  • Crime/criminal  detail was recorded in registers.

 To avoid all these limitations and make the working more accurately system needs to be one step advance computerized.
Problem Scenario


Proposed Solution

 Proposed application will be web based . In this system citizen not need to go police station see the criminal information they can directly see information on site .The main aim of this project is to secure and make privacy on crimes related data over manually data storage.it provide the  better and efficient  services to the victim as well as police.

Proposed Scenario

·         The main aim of this project is to
·          Make secure and make privacy on crime related data over manually data storage
·          Awareness about crimes
·          Helpful for people
·         Online Crime Reporting
·         Data Security
·         Provide Facility for users/Police
Solution Scenario


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