The proposed project title as “ Talent Hunt App” is an android based app for Sami Pharma company. It works quite similar to a Social Media Site. It also provides the feature of writing and posting a post or any event of Sami pharma company all at once. The main idea behind this app is to share the job related details posted by placement officer of  Sami Pharma company via adding a post which can be read by all the user of this app. This app  can  be  handled by the admin(Placement officer) and   as well as faculty.


The objective of this project is to develop an application in android   based    structure    for Sami Pharma company . This app  provides the features through  which the    users  of    this app post events , placement  officer  of  Sami  Pharma  company  can  give  the  adds    about jobs.Users can post their cvs .This application can be implemented in the form of an android system.


The application is planned to be used by a person who is searching for jobs in Sami Parma company. Users of this app can easily find jobs in  Sami Pharma company. This app can be used by the placement officer of Sami Pharma company  to find the job seeker and also give them a job in his company.

 Problem Statement

It is difficult for skilled people to find jobs. Sami pharma company has no  any  app    using which they can post job related details.It is difficult to find people who want to get  job  in Sami Pharma company.

 Problem Scenario

Till now the Sami Pharma company has no any app like this through  which   they   can  post
their job related details and search for job seeker .If they need any worker in their company
they   cannot easily find any candidate.

Proposed Solution

Through this app people will see the ads of the   jobs posted by the placement officer of the Sami Pharma company   and easily will get the   jobs.  The    placement   officer   will  post articles and will post an event using this app. The  job seeker/user sign up with this app and set up their profiles.The profile will include their   educational and professional information Administrator(Placement officer) will  manages the users, posts and adds. using this system the users can communicate each other and convey information.

 Proposed Scenario:

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
·         Easily search candidate for jobs.
·         Placement officer can post an event of the company.
It become easy to find job in a Sami Pharma company.
Solution Scenario



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