Village monitoring system is an android based as well as web based. The development of a country depends on the village’s development. As part of the smart village concept, we need a system that helps in development of villages in the areas like Primary education, people’s health care, Roads and Transportation, Drinking water facilities, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure. This system helps the members to collaborate, plan, assess and implement different activities and learn with others experience/feedback and suggestions.


The goal of this task is to build up an application in android based structure. A total and productive application which can give the observing towns office is the essential goal of this undertaking .The application can be executed as an android framework.


It will be designed to run on mobile devices. The application is available in the smart phone it is easily accessible and always available. Villages monitoring system is very beneficial for people by using this app user can register a complain about his village situation after his complaining this app will analyse and send a team for that particular task. This app saves a lot of user’s time and by using this app user gets rid of manual procedure for the development of their village.

Problem Statement

In the existing system only we can see the detail of particular information about  village monitoring in a particular state.

Problem Scenario

 AJK VILLAGE MONITORING SYSTEM has the accompanying downsides:
·         Without site and android application, it is a tedious procedure.
·          AJK VILLAGE MONITORING SYSTEM is utilizing manual process
·         Specific individual must visit the towns for comprehending their issues.
·         They need to scan for volunteers and specialists, its take part of time.

Problem  Scenario


Proposed Solution

 Proposed application will be android based and web based structure In this framework member of the organization require not to go in town for settling villagers issues .He can complain through this  application and his complain will be approve by admin. Proposed application will be designed for AJK MONITORING SYSTEM. The organization owner will be the admin of system. Administrator manages the user, volunteers and workers. The system also recommends a payment to the worker.

 Proposed Scenario

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
·         Save time
·         Ease of utilization
·         Data security
Solution Scenario


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