The proposed project title as “Water supply management system” is a web based .Now a days people are facing the problems of water so any one who need water can request in this system and will get water at his address. Water supply management system is a system in which water is supplied to people at their homes, offices etc. The system has an admin login that has sole control over it. The user logs into the system and to request for water tanks. The system then delivers the tanks of water at the address provided by the user at the time of registration.
The project objective is to develop online shopping application into android based system. It helps buying the product from a shop through internet. The customer will get the services of online shopping and home delivery.


The objective of this project is to develop an application in web based structure. A complete and efficient application which can provide the online water supply facility is the basic objective of this project .The application can be implemented in the form of a web based system.


The most of the people using android smart phones devices which will to delivers wireless internet access be useful. It will be designed to run on mobile devices. It allows peoples to improve water supply experience and makes it easier. The system is available in the smart phone it is easily accessible and always available.

Problem Statement

As online water supplying is becoming increase a trend nowadays. Public have effortless water supply experience in a less time through water supply management system.

Problem  Scenario

WATER SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has the following drawbacks:
·         WATER SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is using manual process.
·         Without website, it is a time consuming process.
·         Users must go to water supply office.
·         Customers have to wait in queue.

Proposed Solution

Proposed system will be web based structure. In this system customers need not to go the supply offices. He can order the supply of water and can get water tanks through this system. Proposed system will be designed for WATER SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The owner of water supply will be the admin of system. Administrator manages the public, water supply orders. The system also recommends a home delivery of the water tanks with additional charges.

Proposed Scenario

Following are some benefits of proposed system.
·Save time
·Ease of  use
·Data security
·Home delivery
Solution Scenario

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