Women Committee Management System


The proposed project title as “women’s Committee management System” is web based application for “women’s of Rawalakot”. Money is essential for every individual. Not only men, but women have also started their individual savings for the betterment of our future. In committee system different members, representative and branches will be managed by admin. Admin will control whole system. Each committee will be taken at the end of every month. Unique committee number will be allotted to each committee member. In this way record of every member will be managed accurately. All data will be secured. User will login and view his/her details. Committee will be allotted to each committee member. At the end of month through draw that will be based on token numbers assigned to each member uniquely.


 The objective of this project is to develop a committee system for women. To assist            women in rawalakot this system will be designed so that they can save their money in a useful way .The application will be implemented in the form of a web system.


       It allows Women’s to save their money and it’s an efficient way. Women can sign up in
       system and apply for committee membership for particular. Representatives will be 
       given a specific percentage on each member they will represent. Admin Approve
       member and he get membership and he will be supposed to follow the rules of    
       committee. After each month women pay the committee.

 Problem Statement

Before this system, Committee system was totally manual. People sit together and decides prone and cons of committee system that was time consuming and ambiguous. There is conflict between committee numbers. Data was not secured.

 Problem Scenario

Women Committee System has the following drawbacks:
}  Using manual process.
}  Without website and app, it is a time consuming process.
}  Member has to wait in queue.

                                         Problem Scenario

Proposed Solution

}  Proposed application will be web based structure. It will be complete automated system in which members and their committee details are managed by single admin. Unique committee number will be allotted to every member. Record of every member will be managed accurately. User will view his/her all details easily.

 Proposed Scenario

The main aim of this project is to
}  Save time
}   Ease to  use
}   Save money
}   Data security    

                                                                Solution Scenario 

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